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Today is May 25, 2015 - Painesville, OH 44077  

Nearby communities: Concord Township / Concord Twp / Fairport Harbor / Fairport Hbr

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  • Working Dog Weekend Farmpark | Sports and Recreation
    Posted by The Town Planner

    Working Dog Weekend Farmpark - Working Dog Weekend 10am-5pm Farmpark
  • Lake County Scavenger Run and Roast JanFest | 1:00pm - 10:30pm | Community and Civic Groups, Clubs, Scavenger Hunt
    Lake County Scavenger Run and Roast JanFest - Scavenger Run and Roast JanFest. Starts at Harry Buffalo in Painesville Twp Ands at Harry Buffalo with 5 stops in between. Then a pig roast starting at 5:30pm. 3 bands from 5:30 to 10:30. Veterans $15.00 FOR RUN AND FREE PIG ROAST WITH PROPER ID. $25.00 for all other on Scavenger run. $20.00 for walkins.

    Learn more at our website

    Contact: Terry Mowery. Phone: 440.479.5461.

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