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Today is April 18, 2015 - North Saint Paul, MN 55109  

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Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

  • LinkedIn Strategies for Getting Your Dream Job | 9:00am - 11:30am | Seniors, Retirement
    LinkedIn Strategies for Getting Your Dream Job - You Can Get Hired Free Workshop
    May 5, 9-11:30
    JoAnne Funch
    LinkedIn For Business & Marketing Dish
    JoAnne Funch has been a small business owner in marketing and sales since 1993. She helps growth oriented businesses gain more exposure making a bigger impact in their market! As a marketing consultant, JoAnne loves to teach, share, motivate and empower small business owners to build a business and a brand they love. She is also a passionate social media trainer specializing in LinkedIn For Business. She teaches LinkedIn For Business at the University of Minnesota Business & Economic Development Department and Advanced LinkedIn Strategies at Rasmussen College and other venues. In addition she trains companies and individuals on how to leverage LinkedIn to build their personal and professional brand. At this workshop you will learn…
    “Why creating a Complete, Interesting and Key Rich LinkedIn Profile is
    THE MOST IMPORTANT Part to your Success in Finding a Job!”
    • Why Recruiters Rely on LinkedIn
    • Write a key word rich summary statement
    • How to use the Skills and Expertise Section correctly
    • The key difference between Endorsements and Recommendations
    • Why you should join groups to support your personal brand
    • How to create a visibility strategy
    • How to tap your connections
    • The Differences between a Paid Service and a Free Service
    KimAileen White
    Whitestone Personal and Professional Marketing
    With a B.A. in Business Administration, KimAileen launched the early years of her professional career expecting to work in Organization Development or Human Resources, but within a matter of months from the day she walked into life in the world of medical device development and marketing, she fell in love with market research, product development and management, and sales and marketing.
    Today, with an M.A. degree in Psychological Therapy and Counseling, she not only uses her extensive marketing and business background but has combined it with her original interests in individual and organization development to create a unique product she provides to individuals and companies through Whitestone.
    KimAileen provides a fresh perspective on career development, job search, and personal presentation based on basic business principals.
    Be ready for a fast-paced, up-close-and personal look at how to conduct market research of the local employment market by building a professional network, setting networking goals, and aggressively putting your network into action.
    Kim will also demonstrate how using just one of many unique LinkedIn strategies can significantly increase your visibility with employers when you know there is a position available inside a company.
    Everyone is encouraged, if at all possible, to bring a minimum of 10 business cards to the You Can Get Hired event.
    Conducting Market Research for Effective Job Search Success
    • Strategies for personal introductions
    • Tactical planning for developing, using, and maintaining a professional network
    • Building your LinkedIn network specifically for job search
    • You DO Have a Job so stop saying you’re “Unemployed”
    • Overcoming the fear of cold-calls

    Contact: Jim Bear, J. Alan Financial.

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