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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Find out how for 26 years we have been keeping North America organized and informed. Learn more about our history, ad options, and franchise information.

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Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!
Put Your Business On Display Every Day!

What Town Planner Owners Have to Say

Town Planner has always known that our company is only as strong as our network of owners. Our owners willingly share ideas and help each other grow their businesses.

What are the reasons that our owners chose to become a Town Planner franchise owner? What makes them a successful owner? What do they like about Town Planner? Why did they choose Town Planner over other franchises? These are questions that are owners will openly and willingly answer for you.

For 26 years the Town Planner has been a leader in the direct mail world and it is because of our great network of owners that we will continue on this path.

Town Planner Testimonials...

Being a Town Planner publisher has been a positive experience. The product I publish has evolved into a vehicle that the community enjoys using, thus I feel that I am contributing to the community (not just selling). The network of publishers is one of strength and comraderie. We help each other, share ideas and believe that we are all in this together. Would I do it again? I definitely would! The money’s not bad either!

— Murray Winer
Danvers, Massachusetts

The Town Planner Calendar serves an important role in the community, linking businesses and residents. As a community-focused advertising vehicle, it is a high quality, unique, useful product with year long shelf life.

The strong publisher network is comprised of cooperative, independent individuals that are eager to share experiences with each other.

As a business opportunity the Town Planner provides publishers the opportunity to print a first class publication with flexibility in the sales cycle.

There is also strong central office support.

— Janet Drummey
Framingham, Massachusetts

The St. Louis Community Town Planner offers us the opportunity to not only present the best resource vehicle of what’s happening in St. Louis, but also gives us the opportunity to give something back to the community.

Pauler Communications has certainly given us total support throughout the years is assisting us in reaching our annual goals. For the 21 years we have published the Town Planner here in St. Louis, Larry Paulozzi and his staff have never failed to address our requests and every need.

The Town Planner is a great product. The entire St. Louis community has embraced the Town Planner with passion and enthusiasm.

Dan Rosen
St. Louis, Missouri

This year was our sixteenth year publishing the Town Planner. Each year our recognition in the market has grown. You cannot go into a house without seeing it hanging on a refrigerator or wall. Our advertisers love the fact that their business is being seen every day in all the homes in their community. We are already looking forward to our 17th year.

— Joe and Pat O’Dowd
Pinebrook, New Jersey

As a Town Planner publisher, I have the opportunity to build a successful business using a proven concept. New ideas always crop up from our publisher network. These creative ideas, along with the support of PCI, help me to maximize the potential in each community. In addition to selling, I enjoy creating and distributing a product the residents look forward to receiving each year.

— Sid Hoenig
Harrison, New York

My years as a Town Planner publisher have been very rewarding for myself and my family. It has provided a wonderful income based upon a business model requiring only one employee, low expenses and no inventory costs. It has also provided the freedom and flexibility to allow me to be there for my family when they need me. It’s not the perfect business, but it is close.

— Dave Coffman
Cleveland, Ohio

Being a Town Planner publisher for the past years has been great for our entire family. We have all enjoyed the benefits of owning our own business. We’ve made money, had more time together as a family and we produced a quality product and service for our community.

As a support network, the Town Planner publisher group has been terrific. Pauler Communications has provided us with the tools we need to begin and expand. The other publishers from around the country have been willing to share and help when needed.

The public as a community has embraced the Town Planner as an important part of organizing their family life. We have made it a complete organizing information resource tool that’s easy to understand and use. The community receives it free at their homes and they love it! Our experience as a publisher has been hard work and very rewarding in many ways.

— Sam and Vicky DeBona
Ambridge, Pennyslvania

Total sense…that’s what being a Town Planner publisher means to me. It’s a “No Brainer!” I just published my 10th edition of the Town Planner in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am proud and thrilled to be providing this community service to the Green Bay residents. Each year as I’ve grown my business, the response to this FREE community publication is overwhelming.

Let me share with you why I personally value this business so much. First, as a parent of three children, I appreciate having a flexible schedule that the Town Planner offers me. All my appointments revolve around my children’s schedules. I work when they are in school. Since I work out of my home, I can even be productive at night if necessary.

Secondly, the Town Planner is a very profitable business. The only costs involved are printing costs, typesetting, postage, royalties and publisher dues. Other small miscellaneous costs include office supplies and phone expenses. Fortunately, there are no inventory costs to carry. As one adds more communities, the profit margin increases. Ideally, many current customers are eager to advertise on new territories that I open up. A high percentage of customers renew each year because they received a favorable response from sponsoring the calendar.

— Monica Fletcher
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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