Weekend at Wolfie’s Music festival, Bedford

Weekend at Wolfie’s Music festival, Bedford

More About Weekend at Wolfie’s Music festival, Bedford

Weekend at Wolfie’s is an all ages camping music festival held at Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA. The festival is hosted by Bumpin Uglies and runs from Thursday June 13 – Saturday June 15, 2019. All camp sites are car camping and 75% are shaded in the woods. All campers will be given the choice of camping in the woods or an open field & all pre-reserved group camping spots will be in the woods. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

***tier 3 and single / 2 day tickets on sale now!***

Early Bird Weekend Pass - $75 (SOLD OUT)

Tier 2 Weekend Pass (limited qty available + includes car camping) - $90 (SOLD OUT)

Tier 3 Weekend Pass Thurs - Sat (includes car camping) - $100

At the gate Weekend Pass Thurs - Sat (includes car camping) - $120

2 Day Pass Fri - Sat (limited qty available + includes car camping) - $80

At the gate 2 Day Pass Fri - Sat (includes car camping) - $100

Single Day Friday Pass (does NOT include camping) - $55

Single Day Saturday Pass (includes camping, but not car camping) - $55

At the gate Single Day Passes - $65

RV Passes - $75 + must buy weekend pass for each person too
Also included as an RV is a pull behind trailer, pop-up camper or 5th wheel.

All Weekend Passes include car camping (camp by your car in the woods) or tent camping (park car and walk in woods to camp). A Weekend Pass is a ticket for all 3 days of the event, Thursday - Saturday. Two Day Passes are tickets for only Friday - Saturday and Single Day Passes are only good for the day you purchase them. No camping is allowed for Friday only Single Day Passes, however Saturday only Single Day Passes do allow for camping…this will not be car camping though, you will park and hike your stuff in.

No need to purchase tickets for the little ones under 12 years old, so long as they are accompanied by an adult ticketholder. All guests 12 and over will need to purchase a ticket and anyone under 18 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.


Fort Royale Farm
5575 Bedford Valley Road
Bedford, PA 15522
click for details

Please follow the signs to the general public entrance once you arrive at the location.

There will be food vendors on site selling delicious eats at reasonable prices. Alcohol WILL NOT be sold on the premises, so BYOB. No Glass Please, it will be taken from you at the gate. No under age drinking will be tolerated…don’t test us on this one, you will lose and be ejected from the festival site at your own expense.

If you are interested in vending at the event, please fill out this VENDOR FORM and someone will be in touch with you to discuss further. click for details

There are no additional parking fees on site, all parking is included with your ticket purchase. All parking will be in grassy fields or at your camp site in the woods. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

RV space ($75 per vehicle) is available. Please note: RV camping passes DO NOT INCLUDE A TICKET TO THE EVENT. Please make sure everyone camping with your RV has purchased a general admission ticket. Also included as an RV is a pull behind trailer or 5th wheel. Large RV’s will be parked in an open field with plenty of sun in case you have solar. Come prepared, no amenities will be provided…meaning no water to fill your tank, no dump station & no power to connect to. You are allowed to run a generator as long as you are parked in the open field, no generators will be allowed in the woods. If you have a van and are just sleeping in it, then it’s considered a car, but if you live in your van or can live in your van, then that is considered an RV and needs a special pass. All RV’s over 32ft will need to reach out to us to discuss your parking options. Longer rigs might have a hard time climbing the hill & we will want to discuss options prior to your arrival. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

All tickets include car camping…meaning your car will be parked right at your campsite. Please make sure everyone riding in your car when you enter has their own general admission ticket. We will have parking for cars away from your campsite if you choose to not have your car at your site. When you enter the grounds, you will be asked if you want woods camping or field camping & once you are parked, no moving without a staff escort. Please do not run your car unless it’s absolutely necessary & once you are in, no leaving or moving your car till the end of the festival without a staff escort. Safety is very important to us and if your car is running unattended or in an unsafe manner, we will turn it off for you and keep the keys till Sunday morning.

Please note that personal campfires are strictly prohibited, we will have a communal fire pit. Campsites are claimed on a first-come first-serve basis so come early if you want to ensure a good spot. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

Tent camping (or hammock camping) is encouraged and included in the ticket price. We will have parking for your car and there is ample camping in the woods.

Please note that personal campfires are strictly prohibited. Campsites are claimed on a first-come first-serve basis so come early if you want to ensure a good spot. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

We are offering 10 group camping sites for $50 each and they can be purchased from the ticketing site. If you purchase a group camping site, we will reach out to you to discuss how many will be in your party and where you would like to be. Please note that by purchasing a group camping site, we will reserve you a spot for everyone to camp together & everyone that is camping there will need to buy their own ticket to enter the festival. Parking at group camping sites will be limited to only a few cars & all other cars will be parked in the overflow parking lot. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

We will have a work exchange program & if this interests you, here is what it will entail:
You will be required to work three (3) shifts over the course of the weekend. Each shift will last a minimum of four (4) hours.
Early arrival and participating in the pre-festival meeting required
$100 deposit to be paid by May 13, 2019 to the festival to reserve your spot. If you don’t work all your shifts, then we keep the deposit.

If you are interested in this program, please fill out this VOLUNTEER / WORK EXCHANGE FORM and we will be in touch. click for details

For your pleasure we will have:
2 stages with music till 1am
Communal fire pit that will stay going till ??
An outdoor games area…kickball anyone?
Delicious food vendors, frozen drinks, bagged ICE, and water for sale (No alcohol sales so BYOB & NO GLASS)
Arts and crafts vendors
Performers, visuals, and late night light specialties
An abundance of other nonsense and surprises. Decorations, costumes and things that GLOW are highly encouraged!

HAVE FUN! But please respect the following rules:
Participate at your own risk (you will be required to sign a liability waiver at the gate before you enter)
Underage drinking is illegal and will not be tolerated
Drinking and Driving will not be tolerated
All firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited. For the safety of everyone on site, please leave these items at home.
No illegal substances
No glass
No campfires – we will have a fire pit!
No charcoal grills
No pets – service dogs are allowed only if they are true “Service Dogs”. All pet poop must be picked up and disposed of properly. To learn more about the Fort Royale Farm Service Dog Policy go to this link or see the Service Dog Policy section below. click for details
No tents in the concert area(s)
No generators allowed in the woods or in the tent camping areas. Generators are only allowed in the RV parking area.
Respect your fellow campers, Wolfie’s Staff, the land owners, the Land and our Neighbors
Festival staff reserves the right to remove anyone displaying inappropriate or disrespectful behavior from the festival grounds without a refund.
NO GOLF CARTS AND ATVS…safety first ya know.
Bikes are allowed, but it’s a short walk & kind of hilly so doubt a bike would work out too well

For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

Anyone found using fireworks will be immediately ejected from the festival without a refund. We can’t stress this enough! NO FIREWORKS. This policy will be strictly enforced. PLEASE DO NOT BRING THEM! YOU WILL BE MADE TO LEAVE.


We love our furry little friends but we ask that you please leave them at home for this event. Really, please do not bring your dog or any other pet. We cannot make any exceptions, so please make other arrangements to take care of your pets while you are gone for the weekend. Service Dogs are allowed only if they are true Service Dogs per below. All pet poop must be picked up and disposed of properly. For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com or go to this link to learn more: click for details. The Bedford, PA area has a few boarding facilities such as Stottlemyer Groom-N-Board 814-623-2374 or Wilderness Adventures Kennel 814-735-3225 or Guyer’s Dog Boarding 814-766-3507. We are not suggesting these businesses, just offering their info to help with your search and decision.


Our Pet and Service Dog policy is taken directly from Federal Statute and regulatory law.

Absolutely NO PETS of any kind are permitted at Fort Royale Farm.

Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law.

Emotional Support Animals are not Service Dogs, and are not permitted.

Service Dogs in training are not Service Dogs under Federal Law and will be permitted on a case by case basis.

Service Dogs must wear a “Service Dog” labeled harness.***

The Service Dog must at all times be tethered to and/or in the full control of their owner unless engaged in the disability mitigation task for which they are trained.

A Service Dog may never be handled by or tethered to a person other than their owner.

The Service Dog must always be in “Full Stay” command position when not performing the service for which they have been trained.

The Service Dog must be fully trained to urinate or defecate only under the control of their owner.

We will ask, ” What work or task has this animal been trained to perform to mitigate your disability?”

*** In order to be considered a “Service Dog” under U.S. federal law, a dog must be partnered with an individual with a disability AND perform specific, trained task work to mitigate that disability. Task work is not optional. If a dog doesn’t perform task work, it is not a Service Dog.

Your Ticket Receipt (if purchased in advance), or cash for a ticket…we should be able to take credit cards at the gate and there will probably be an ATM on site, but no guarantees, so come prepared.
Valid Photo ID
A friend (or two, or three - heck; just bring all of them)
Directions and address to Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA
Water!!! / Drinks
Food / Snacks
Camping Gear / Sleeping Bag or Hammock
Hammer for Tent Stakes
Earplugs & an eye mask (for day sleeping ya know)
A handkerchief
Toilet Paper
Extra Cash for Food, Water, ICE, Band Merch, or just in case you need it
Disposable Plates and Utensils / trash-bags (washing dishes is not easy)
Camping Stove – propane only (NO Charcoal!)
Spray Fan / Small Water Gun
Flash Light / Headlamp
BUG Spray
Bar of Eco-friendly Soap / Toothbrush etc.
Something Warm to wear at night
Extra pairs of shoes and socks
Umbrella and/or Poncho (just in case)
Glow Things / Light Up Toys
Costumes / Fashionable theme wear
Body Paint
Pen and Paper
An open mind and positive attitude

For questions, please email weekendatwolfies@gmail.com.

Photography is encouraged. On behalf of the artists please refrain from using flash photography near the stage.

Please help us keep the festival grounds clean and beautiful. We’ll need your help with this! Several hundred people camping, partying, eating, driving, sitting, peeing and doing all the things we do makes for a real impact on our physical environment. Our goal is to minimize that impact in all the ways we can. First we ask that you please CARPOOL! CARPOOL! CARPOOL! We can’t emphasize this enough. The less cars, the better!

Next make sure to Plan Ahead and Prepare! Pack it in, and pack it out. Be responsible for your materials and limit the packaging and trash you bring. Please also be conscious of your cigarette BUTTS – get creative and make a decorative container to store your butts in rather than toss them on the ground. We’ll have trash-cans and recycling bins set up, but we want to see if you can leave no trace without using them.

What does your footprint look like? Are you planning decorations for your camp or theme that could blow away or come apart? Consider investing in a bunch of reusable battery powered decoration & keep the leave no trace philosophy in the back of your mind as you plan. We have faith in you! Lets work together to leave Fort Royale Farm better off than we found it!

NOTE: We may not have an ATM Machine on site so bring some extra cash just in case you need it.

ALSO NOTE: Cell Phone Service is strong at the site, especially AT&T, there is a tower close by.

Be safe, take care of each other and let’s all work together to make the first Weekend at Wolfie’s a RAGING success!

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