More About National Lazy Mom's Day 👩🏻

National Lazy Mom’s Day is not meant to celebrate Lazy Mom’s but to encourage hard-working moms to take some time for themselves. Yes, we know the old saying, “a mother’s work is never finished,” but it can be paused momentarily. If you’re a mom, you owe it to yourself to have one day of peace and solitude and today is the day you get it! Rather than having to get dressed for a nice meal, prepare for in-laws, or collect noodle art, this day includes nobody but you and yourself. It is your opportunity to relax and do whatever pleases you. It is your chance for uninterrupted leisure. To ensure your day of peace goes undisturbed, get away from the house and into a world of maximum relaxation at a spa. Enjoy a pedicure, get a massage, and spend quality you time in a sauna. If you believe in retail therapy, more power to you! Take a trip to the mall and bask in the glory of new purchases. And if you’re not a mom, make sure you take today to cover her daily chores and show her that you care. No cards or gifts are necessary. Just cover her duties for one day and see how much positive impact one day of rest can have on your supermom.

Date & Time

September 2, 2022

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