More About Setting Your Teen on the Path of Leadership. Program starts Sept 17th

Leadership skills are not only indispensable in helping your teenagers graduate from school with good grades, but they are also valuable in making them successful adults. Here are 3 key skills to develop:

1. Encourage them to engage in school clubs, volunteer organizations, or sports activities. These activities help them build teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills that are essential in developing their leadership foundations. 🏆
2. Encourage your teen to practice their communication skills by asking them to speak in group settings, give presentations, or participate in debates. Help them understand the importance of active listening, nonverbal cues, and the power of language to influence others.
3. Foster self-reflection. Encourage your teen to keep a journal or a log of their activities, thoughts, and feelings. Ask them to reflect on the lessons they’ve learned from their successes and failures. ❤️

Reach out to Gigi Gaudet at to learn more about how the Empowerment & Adventure program can help your teen. 👩‍💼
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Date & Time

June 23, 2023


Greenwich, CT

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More About Empowerment & Adventure Program

About Gigi Gaudet:

Gigi always perceived herself as an athlete. Then, a debilitating condition hit her in early 2022. Following surgery in May 2022, she had to learn how to speak and learn how to walk again. Now, she is out running races and winning! She is eager to share important life lessons learned from this experience.

Contact Gigi to see if the Empowerment & Adventure Program is right for you.


Empowerment & Adventure Program
Connecticut 06830

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