More About Let’s Talk About It! How do people over 40 really feel naked???

As we reach middle age, our bodies undergo significant changes, such as a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in body fat. With these changes, it’s common for individuals to feel less confident about their appearance. But what if we told you that losing just 10 pounds can transform how you feel naked? Here’s how:

1. When we carry extra weight, our skin becomes less elastic and sags, making us less confident. By losing weight, our skin becomes firmer and rejuvenated. ✨
2. Weight gain can bring on feelings of self-doubt, but shedding those extra few pounds can give you the boost you need to love and accept yourself. 💪
3. Being overweight increases your risk for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, so shedding excess pounds can put you on the path to a healthier life. ✅

Contact Evolution Physical Therapy & Fitness today and watch as your body – and mind –transform for the better! 🧑‍💼
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June 19, 2023


349 Post Rd
Darien, CT 06820

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Our mission is to help all of our patients and clients perform at their highest potential, to completely redefine the profession of physical therapy and to provide the community with exceptional rehab services, fitness, performance training, injury prevention, wellness and recovery. Our doctors of physical therapy are highly skilled and knowledgeable,utilize modern equipment and techniques and have an unparalleled drive to help you get better.

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Evolution Physical Therapy & Fitness - Darien
349 Post Road
Darien, Connecticut 06820

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