More About Discovering Family Roots: Play 'Photos or Fables?' to Share and Remember Your Past

Are you yearning to delve into your family's history and rediscover the stories of your ancestors? Look no further than "Photos or Fables?" a sentimental and captivating game that can bridge the gap between generations and reconnect you with your past.

This unique game combines the power of family photographs and TableTopics® cards to unearth fascinating narratives about your relatives. By matching some old photos with the marvelous prompts from the Table Topics cards, you'll embark on a heartwarming journey that brings your family's history to life.

All you need to start is a handful of family pictures a glue stick, and a box of TableTopics® as conversation starters.

Testimonials pour in from people who have used the game to unveil cherished family tales, sparking a renewed interest in their heritage.

Gigi: “Photos and Fables is a fun way to get to know and quickly create bonds with the people around you”

Join the growing community of 'Photos or Fables?' enthusiasts! Discover more about the game, engage with others, and share your delightful experiences. Unite generations and create lasting memories as you play "Photos or Fables" to reconnect with your roots and cherish the legacy of your family's past.

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