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The Town Planner has been a beloved resource in communities across America since 1986. What makes us so successful?

For one thing, the Town Planner Calendar is a beautiful and useful tool. It's a high-quality, full-sized calendar with large date blocks for you to write in all those important events you don't want to forget: birthdays, anniversaries, afterschool activities, and other special moments in your family's life. Hang it up in a handy spot like your fridge or in your office so it's always there to remind you what's on the daily menu!

It's not just a calendar, however. Perhaps our biggest value -- the thing consumers love most -- is that the Town Planner is loaded with lots of other content that's designed to be as local as possible.

For example: beautiful hometown photography. Every month brings you a new full-color photo celebrating a well-known landmark or picturesque scene that you'll recognize from right in your community. You may be surprised by how much beauty can be found within walking distance! The Town Planner is a great source of hometown pride.

Plenty of local events and things to do. Almost all calendars feature national holidays: New Years Day, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and the like. But how many are also chock full of local events that are a short walk or drive away? Whether you want to know about school closings, local sports games, church activities, local theater or library programs, town council meetings... well, the list goes on and on, but you can find it in print or online with your Town Planner!

Coupons and money-saving offers from local businesses. We all need to save money these days, and the Town Planner does its part to help with twelve months of daily specials, special promotions, and coupons from hometown businesses. In accordance with our "Keep it Local" philosophy we love to focus on small businesses right in your community. You can feel good about shopping with the Town Planner because you're boosting your local economy while supporting the small business owners who are your neighbors and friends.

A great tool for business owners. As you can see from the features listed above, there's no mystery why so many people who receive the Town Planner keep it where they can see and use it every day, all year long! That means that if your ad or coupon is in the Town Planner, homeowners will see you every time they go to the fridge, every morning when they go to the office, or wherever else they hang a tool that they need to keep handy and visible. Throughout the year happy homeowners continue to contact us to request extra calendars -- some even offer to pay. What other advertising medium can you think of where people actually offer to pay to receive your advertising?

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