Town Planner - Lwr Fairfield Cty

6 weeks of Event Promotional Support for only $500

6 weeks of Event Promotional Support for only $500

Event will be promoted for 6 weeks in the following media; Town Planner Webpage & Mobile app, Social Media and Weekly email. Promotions to include Design of Ad for the event including a color photo, logo and contact details, Social Media Ad feature post and Ad Campaign using Facebeook and Instagram pages with hyperlinks to your ticketing page, Tracking of visits generated to your page. Your Event will be prominently featured at the top of our Webpage, your event is featured in our weekly email Newsletter for 10 days, Free account to manage ticketing/RSVP process. Includes Ad budget. No extras. Guaranteed to receive more than 5,000 views from local people from all media.
Town Planner - Lwr Fairfield Cty

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
Phone: 203.869.2129

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Did you know that independent surveys by the Verafast Corporation show that at least 70% of homeowners who receive our beautiful full color wall calendar keep it and display it all year long? Can you think of any other advertising medium that has such an excellent retention rate?

The secret is that our calendar isn't just a cheap piece of junk mail advertising. It's a full size calendar loaded with beautiful hometown photography, lots of events and fun things to do around town, school closings and recycling schedules, and coupons and money saving offers from the local businesses you want to patronize! The result is that we can offer you an advertising medium that homeowners actually want to receive. They continue to request it all year long -- some even offer to pay! Can you name any other advertising medium that your target audience is willing to pay for? Let the Power of the Planner work for you!

We have a number of advertising options to fit every budget, tailored to the needs of your individual business or organization. Would you like to know more? Please read some our our satisfied sponsor testimonials from businesses like yours, or contact your Town Planner publisher today.

Remember: when you place an ad with the Town Planner, it doesn't go in the trash. It goes up in offices, on refrigerators, in work spaces, on bulletin boards, where families can see it and refer to it every day. We really do put your business On Display Every Day: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Town Planner is a great way for independent-minded ambitious individuals to earn a living while calling the shots as the owner of their own business. Not only that, but you'll also be supporting local businesses and keeping your community informed and entertained. If this sounds like a promising opportunity for you or someone you know, please take a look at our franchise page!

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