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International Day of Radiant Peace is a day set aside for people to reflect or meditate individually, or come together to participate in an event. The holiday celebrates the concept of Radiant Peace which refers to a peace within everyone that is pure, whole, and benevolent energy that relates to everyone and connects us all. This holiday was created by the Radiant Peace Foundation International Inc. on June 22, in the year 1999. The date has, however, since been moved and is now observed annually on September 22. Radiant Peace Foundation International. Inc. is an educational nonprofit founded in 1986 based in Petersburg, Florida, and was formed for just one purpose — promoting radiant peace in the world. The first proclamation was created by David J. Fischer, Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. In subsequent years, cities throughout the United States and in England, Romania, and Ireland made official proclamations of The International Day of Radiant Peace. Among the activities carried out to honor this day is a special celebration at the International Museum of Radiant Peace. The museum is the first and only museum solely dedicated to promoting radiant peace. Also, many universities and churches worldwide ring bells in honor of this special day.

Date & Time

September 22, 2022

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