More About National Buzzard Day

Because turkey vultures are also migratory birds, Buzzards Day is specifically celebrated for their return near the beginning of spring every year. The holiday is specifically celebrated in the state of Ohio. In particular, the northeastern Ohio town of Hinckley, of all places, has a local history connected to these often under-appreciated scavengers. In 1957, Walter Nawalaniec, a patrolman for Cleveland Metroparks, told reporter Robert Bordner of the Cleveland Press and local historian, Miss Eunice Morton of Richfield, that he had tracked the birds’ appearance on this very same date in March for the past six years. While he knew that the buzzards returned at around the same time each year, he thought it uniquely interesting that they came back on the exact same calendar day–even during Leap Year! As the news spread that year, over 9,000 visitors came to see the buzzards fly into the area the following spring. It is now believed that these birds have been coming to the state of Ohio over the past 150 years. The buzzards seem to like the area due to its rocky ridges, open fields, and forests, which makes it an ideal place for breeding for these birds to breed.

Date & Time

March 15, 2023

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