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Music is one of the most creative and universal ways to express ideas, emotions, and opinions; making it an integral part of every culture around the world. It can be played, sung, and most importantly heard, a process by which most of us ordinary folk can truly appreciate music. Music makes life more meaningful, breaking all barriers of cultural, religious, and social distinction, and uniting us like a perfect playlist of rhythmic excellence. The origin of music has been a subject of long-standing debate. The origin of music has often been related to the origin of language. One of the earliest forms of music was drum-based and percussion instruments fashioned from rocks and sticks. By 4000 B.C. the Egyptians created harps and flutes, and with further advancements, the trumpet came into existence in Denmark around 2500 B.C. Greece laid the foundations of early classical music, leading to the emergence of Aristotle’s music theory in 350 B.C. The rules of music underwent a drastic change with the onset of the Renaissance, bringing about various new styles of music. The renaissance age is known for introducing some of the greatest musical composers to have ever lived on this planet. Since then music has become the way of life in many cultures, playing important roles in religious and social activities. Ranging from amateur rock bands to church choirs or even the occasional karaoke night out with friends. Music has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. The second Saturday of October is when we all come together and appreciate, but most importantly enjoy this marvelous gift to humanity.

Date & Time

October 9, 2022

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