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Creating handmade cards for loved ones to celebrate different holidays and special occasions is an art form, one that many people from around the world indulge in. As such, it does make some sense that a special day to celebrate this was created. This was exactly what β€œPaper Crafts” magazine inadvertently did on October 7, 2006. The celebration was initially only for subscribers to their magazine, but they were pleasantly surprised when it went viral. This was how the day was birthed and it is now celebrated by thousands all over the world. A company called Two Peas was also part of the history of World Card Making Day; they were involved with the first events commemorating the day. The history of card making itself dates back to the Victorian era. Then, they had cards that announced someone’s arrival. These cards were plain, with no emotion, but things started to change as new printing techniques became available. They started making more colorful cards, which also gradually changed how they were used. People started sending them to each other for different occasions. This was how the card-making industry was built. Calling cards became penny postcards, which eventually became modern-day gift cards. These days, you can probably get a card for anything you need. There are business cards, greeting cards, IV cards, all sorts, and what better way to express yourself through cards than making them yourself? Make them with the person they are intended for in mind, and you will definitely steal their heart.

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October 2, 2022

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