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Baia do Sancho beach
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

The coastline of Baia do Sancho is surrounded by majestic cliffs and impresses not only by scenic views, but also by the most unusual descent to the shore. First, from the rocky cliff, a kind of natural viewing deck at a height of 30 m, you can admire the impressive panorama of a wide sandy strip located at the foot of these powerful rocks. This is also the best place to watch dolphins jump out of the water near the shore.

To get to the beach itself, you will need to climb down a steep stone stair and walk through a narrow tunnel in the cliffs leading to the shore. There are only three such stairways leading to the beach.
The park's employees usually make sure that holidaymakers walk here one at a time - the path is so incredibly narrow that there is no space for two people.
Given such a difficult descent to the beach, going here, it is worth taking care of comfortable shoes and good physical training.
For those looking for easier ways to get there, it is worth renting a boat on the main island of Noronha and get to this bay by sea.
The shore is covered with very fine light golden sand, and the waters here are notable for their incredible blue and emerald hue and amazing transparency (you can see up to 50 m in horizontal direction). Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on this beach. Here you can admire a wide variety of corals and sea turtles. Due to the spawning of the latter, it is forbidden to visit the beach from 6 pm to 6 a.m. from January to July.

When is the best time to go?
The best time to visit Brazil – is in spring and autumn. During this period, mild and dry weather reigns here. In winter, there is heat and heavy rains. And in the summer (from June to August) the lowest temperatures are recorded in the country.

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It is completely useless to look for signs of civilization on this beach with paradise landscapes. Taking into consideration the difficulty of the descent, it is better to go here with a minimum load behind. In case you take a sea excursion, it will be worth to take food with you, if you intend to spend the whole day here. There are souvenir kiosks in the park.

Nevertheless, you can find the benefits of civilization on the main island of the archipelago. Right here it is worth to book accommodation. You can always find a lot of options, from budget-friendly hostels to to cozy family mini-hotels.

It is best to stay in the central area of Vila dos Remedios, where most restaurants and hotels are concentrated. For example, Pousada Maravilha – in 2 km from the beach or Dolphin Hotel located in 2.7 kilometers from the seashore. There is a curious fact that the quality of the local hotels is marked not by stars, but by dolphins (from 1 to 3).

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March 14, 2025

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