A leader in local marketing that will help you reach more homes

Welcome to Town Planner, America's Community Calendar! Our goal in this video is to show you why Town Planner is a leader in local marketing. Our printed wall calendars gave us our start in local marketing and today our collection of digital tools, all working in synch together, creates a very powerful work force for you.

Let's start with a closer look at our website. Visitors coming to townplanner.com are greeted with a large panoramic image representing the beauty of their community. Right away they know they're in for a special user experience! With the latest in responsive design, our website is equally functional on tablets and mobile devices.

Town Planner currently serves over 600 communities in print, and every American community online. You can enter your town or zip code to get to your local page or let the satellite find your location for you. Visitors rely on Town Planner to keep them informed of local happenings. New events are being added every day by individuals, community groups, and businesses to build continued interest.

The event details view includes photography, a map, share links, and info on the event poster. Given the kind of local consumer interest we are attracting, townplanner.com makes a perfect place for your promotional message in terms of coupons and display ads, both of which are fully editable by our sponsors. Everything that is added to our website is also pushed out on our mobile app and our weekly e-newsletter. Our app allows users to migrate important local events right to their device calendar with a single tap and our weekly newsletter is delivered right to every subscriber's inbox.

Thank you for watching this video on how we can effectively market your business or local event to homeowners in your target area. If you find this interesting and want to take your program to the next level, ask your Town Planner representative how to get started today!