The Town Planner Calendar

Being the center point of family activity makes the Town Planner a perfect place for your business to be seen and referenced. Beautiful local photography, useful community information, important phone numbers and local business savings all make this calendar useful to families in the communities we serve. Learn More.


Web advertising allows you to test, update, and then measure the effectiveness of your ad like no other medium. Create a dialog with your customers and let them experience your brand the way you want to. Connect with new and existing customers in your community today. Get your business online - it's fast and easy. Learn More.

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Know what you'd like or need more details? Please contact your local publisher if you have any questions or need information on rates.

Town Planner Testimonials

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Cost Effective Advertising That Works

The key to advertising success is making a positive impact on as many consumers as possible -- without breaking your budget.

The Town Planner calendar delivers your ad or coupon to thousands of homes in your community. We don't bury your precious advertising dollars in a cheap coupon booklet or flyer that goes right in the trash. The Town Planner is a full-sized wall calendar, loaded with local events, beautiful local photography, a helpful telephone directory, and more, so consumers don't throw it away -- they keep it hanging where everyone in the family can see it, all year long!

Over seventy percent of the homeowners who receive the Town Planner keep it. That means your business will be on display in their home or office every day of the year. The calendar is so popular that many homeowners request additional copies; some even offer to pay for them. Can you think of any other advertising medium that consumers not only request more of, but are willing to spend their own money to buy?

But we don't stop there. Our website, weekly newsletter, and mobile app are also working for you nonstop, 24 hours a day. Thanks to the events and money-savings coupons, consumers want to use these resources when they're out and on the go. Again, the result is that when they use any of the Town Planner digital tools, they will be seeing YOU!

To learn more about being on display every day, and the various packages that can help you do it, please contact your local Town Planner publisher today.