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Thousands of visitors frequent our events website to explore and search all local happennings, things-to-do, and community events each year. Many others come for the coupons and other local offers our calendars are known for. Advertise on our website to attract local customers or enhance brand exposure among community members. Get double the exposure when you place a print ad. Contact your local publisher and ask how you can increase your business with a powerful combination of print and online ads. We offer a variety of cost-effective advertising options to get your products and services noticed.

Online Ad Specs - Download PDF Version

Below you will find the production specifications for the advertising opportunities that has to offer. Of course, your local Publisher can work in partnership with you to develop an advertising program that best achieves your marketing and business objectives.

Ours ads include a logo image, a headline and multi-line company message with hotlinks.

Image Requirements

  • Accepted formats: JPEG, GIF & PNG.
  • Currently we are not accepting Flash or rich media.
  • Ad image dimensions are 200 x 100 PX.
  • Image should be under 100 KB.

Ad Message Requirements

  • Headline:
    1. Single line only.
    2. May not exceed 34 characters including spaces and punctuation.
    3. Headline will be hyperlinked to company website (please provide page link).
    4. If no headline is chosen, your website will be displayed as a default.
  • Message
    1. Maximum of three lines.
    2. A total of 100 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
    3. If you would like to call out links in your message, such as your social media pages, please specify which words you would like hyperlinked and provide us with the link to each page.

Coupon Requirements

  • Accepted formats: JPEG, GIF & PNG.
  • Ad image dimensions are 200 x 100 px.
  • Offer Text is limited to 100 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

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Best Practices

We strongly suggest using your logo as your ad image. It promotes your brand and can be used throughout your ad campaign. If you need to change your ad message, it can be done easily, eliminating any need to upload a new image.

If you do decide to use something more attention grabbing, here are some best practices for designing an effective ad.

Clear Images, Minimal Copy

Since we offer a 140 characters of copy, keep your important information in the message area. It will stay ledgable on any device. Your ad image should include clear, attention-grabbing graphics. If you include text in the graphic keep it short but make people want to learn or know more.

Strong Call to Action

Encourage people to interact with your ad. This can be a bold button in your image or a bold link in your message copy. Use phrases like "Order Online Now", "Learn More", or "Get a FREE Quote" to help guide people to the next step in learning who you are and what you have to offer.

Click to call

When people are browsing on their smartphones, they often prefer to call a business rather than visit their website. Including a phone number in your ad message will make it easier for potential customer to contact you.

For more information...

Please contact your local publisher to request additional advertising information for this area, including special packages, rates, ad specs, and deadlines.