How do we collect information?

We collect information about you through server logs, cookies, and web forms.

When you visit, our server records the time of your visit, your computer's IP address, the name and version of the web browser software you are using, and which pages you choose to view on our site. If you linked to our site from another website, that information will be recorded as well.

If your web browser has cookies enabled, you will receive a cookie that, on your next visit, will tell us the last page and community you visited so that we may return you to that same page. If you choose to become a member of Town Planner, the cookie will also contain information allowing us to recognize your member account. If you wish, you can disable cookies on your browser or choose not to receive cookies from You are not required to use cookies to visit our site.

Our web site contains a variety of forms. These include (but may not to be limited to) search forms, sweepstakes or contest forms, forms to allow you to contact us for information, and forms to allow you to become a member of our site and participate in membership activities. Any information that you choose to submit through these forms, including personal information such as your name, street address, email address, and phone number (depending on the type of membership you create), is saved in a database. If you choose to submit a contact or information request form, the information you provide will also be e-mailed to your local publisher (if a franchisee or licensee of Town Planner currently has the operational rights to your community) or to our corporate office (if your community does not currently have a franchisee or licensee).

It is possible to link to many third-party websites from our website. Town Planner assumes no resonsibility or liability for the content or safety of those websites, nor do we control or approve their respective privacy policies. Please contact those third-party websites directly to learn more about them and/or their privacy policies.

What do we do with your information?

Since we allow you to post content on our website, such as events and business listings, we collect some basic information such as your name and company name, street address, email address, and phone number, so that our corporate office or local publisher may contact and/or identify you regarding the content you are attempting to submit.

If you sign up for a Town Planner membership, you may choose to receive periodic newsletters from us. You are not required to receive these newsletters and can opt out of them at any time; you are not required to receive them in order to enjoy the other membership benefits.

If you reside or do business in an area that is licensed by a Town Planner publisher, the corporate office may share any information you submit through our website with your local publisher. The local publisher may choose to contact you regarding the type of content you are attempting to submit. If you submit a business listing or a business-related event on our website, your local publisher may also wish to contact you to share information with you regarding the Town Planner Calendar or Town Planner digital services.

The corporate office does not share or sell your information with anyone other than your local publisher.

Please contact your local publisher to learn more about the independent privacy practices he or she chooses to follow.

How do we protect your information?

Our website resides on a dedicated server and we follow standard practices for monitoring and securing our network against break-ins. Any data you submit through signup or login forms or the member console is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption as it moves between your computer and our web server. We do not store credit card information on our web server.