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Eggnog is a beverage that many people believe is one that they should only drink during the Christmas holidays, but it’s actually a drink that has earned its own holiday. Okay, in all fairness, while it does have its own holiday, it still has to share the day with Christmas Eve, so it is kind of stuck in that holiday beverage role. This holiday is called National Eggnog Day and it falls annually on December 24th, which should make it an easy holiday to observe since you’ll probably already have eggnog for Christmas in your home when you celebrate it. When is National Eggnog Day? This year (2021) December 24 (Friday) Next year (2022) December 24 (Saturday) Last year (2020) December 24 (Thursday) The History Of Eggnog It’s believed that eggnog goes back to a 14th century drank enjoyed by Medieval monks known as “posset.” this drink was a warm ale that contained eggs and figs in it. Over time, this drink probably ended up being combined with other Medieval drinks such as noggin—a strong beer drink. However, some people believe that the modern eggnog was born in Colonial America and not Medieval Europe. According to this theory, eggnog was a combination of grog and egg. If that was indeed the case, then it goes without saying that it’s still a drink that was influenced by the English drinks that came before it. Since rum was readily available in Colonial America, it was widely used in eggnog drinks of the time.

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December 24, 2024

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