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National Sangria Day is a holiday that falls on the 20th of December every year and recognizes the now-iconic drink Sangria. This mixed drink from Spain is made from a combination of either red or white wine that contains some kind of fruit juice and may even contain chunks of fruits as well. It can also contain other ingredients that may contain spices, herbs, and various liquors. The word Sangria means “bloodletting” in Spanish, a name given to its because of its blood-red color. When is National Sangria Day? This year (2021) December 20 (Monday) Next year (2022) December 20 (Tuesday) Last year (2020) December 20 (Sunday) The History Of Sangria Although the origins of this drink can’t be pinned down exactly, some food historians believe that it goes back to the 18th century in Spain. During this time, it was also popular in England and Greece as well. Sangria most likely developed from a drink enjoyed in the West Indies during the 17th and 18th centuries. This drink was known as Sangaree and was made with port or red wine that was mixed with Batavia Arrack rum, nutmeg, and citrus. Today, sangria is a drink that has an almost endless number of recipe variations. Although the base always features red wine and some kind of fruit and/or fruit juice, that still leaves a lot of different options. Some recipes call for an additional liquor be added to the drink in order to raise its alcohol content higher. Most traditional forms of sangria are made with fruits that are locally sourced in Spain. This includes apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, or berries. However, people also use globally sourced fruits in this drink such as lime or pineapples. The latest version of this drink to hit the scene is Sangria Bianca—a sangria drink that’s made with white wine.

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December 20, 2024

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