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Why National Day Of The Horse? The Majestic Beast with thundering hooves riding across the sunset has captured all our imaginations from a very early age. Horses known for their elegance, strength, and speed have been knit into the fabric of human history since its domestication. Evidence of Horse domestication dates back to 3000BC in Kazakhstan. Historical records of the Mongol wars, narrate the high-speed raids with horse-mounted archers. With the help of these magnificent beasts, the Mongols conquered much of the Asian continent. Horses have been a part and parcel of its history even before the founding of the United States. Horses to be precise, “Eqqus Caballus” was introduced to North America by the Spanish explorers after the extinction of the wild horse species “Eqqus Lamei” that roamed the land around 11,0000 years ago. The horses that escaped to the wild, found their freedom, and spread across the Great American Plains. In the 16th and 17th centuries; The Comanches, Crow, and Blackfoot are some of the Native American tribes who first acquired horses. Horses have played an important role during the pioneering days of the United States and were involved in transportation, clearing farmlands, and hunting. These horses were the only companions along lonely trails for the cattlemen and pioneers. These magnificent beasts are the unsung warriors, who lead and won battles among the soldiers who laid down their lives for the country. The horses became an integral part of life by the 19th century. They were indispensable to the cowboys who tended to large ranches. The rodeo culture also increased the popularity of the horses. By the end of World War I, horses were being replaced by mechanized transportation, which led to the subsequent decline of the horse population. Though horses are viewed as recreational animals these days, they are embedded in the culture of the state. Many State ceremonies involve horses and are symbolic of what they mean to the country. Horses now serve as therapy animals to relieve disorders like PTSD and anxiety and they continue to serve in many ranches across the country. No matter their involvement in the current hi-tech world, horses will always be precious to mankind for all that they mean to us from days of the past.

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December 13, 2024

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