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Brownie is one of the best-known desserts worldwide, which started to get famous in the early 20th century. Nobody knows when exactly the brownies were invented and where. Here are some historical facts associated with National Brownie Day, which will blow your mind. Palmer House Hotel gets the credit when it comes to the origin of brownie. It was said brownies were invented back in 1893. On National Brownie Day every year, Palmer House Hotel serves the same recipes to their guests. The first variety of brownies were loaded with yummy apricot glaze and crunchy walnuts. Brownie is said to be a delicious cross between cookie and cake. Folks across the globe widely enjoy chocolate brownies, and the blonde brownie is the second most loved brownie. This subtle take is the biggest highlight; blonde brownies are made with only brown sugar and zero chocolate. After Bertha Palmer wanted a piece of cake that could easily fit into a small lunchbox who were attending the Chicago World’s Colombian Exposition, Brownie came into existence. Some theory says Maine created brownie, and it was originally a chocolate cake that didn’t rise. Instead of scrapping, she served the final dish to her guests.

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December 8, 2024

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