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While the origin of National Cookie Day is currently unknown, the history of the cookie is a well documented fact. Cookies were invented during the seventh century in Persia. Right around the time that sugar became a common resource in that region. It then spread throughout Europe thanks to the Muslim conquest of Spain. The cookie would continue to march across the continent until it became one of the most prevalent snack foods in Europe by the fifteenth century. The story of the cookie doesn’t end in Europe however. In the seventeenth century is made its way across the Atlantic into the Americas via the Dutch settlers of the time. Colonial housewives snatched up the concept of the cookie and began producing their own. These simple cookies were most often simply flavored with butter, with some of the more elaborate ones being flavored with rose water, maple syrup or sometimes even beer! Today, the cookie is one of the most revered desserts in America. There are literally thousands of different cookie recipes that crowd cookbooks of the last two centuries. Which can make choosing a cookie a very daunting task indeed. I guess that is just how the cookie crumbles though. Observances and Traditions

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December 4, 2024

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