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At one point in time, we were unsure of who started this holiday or when it was started. However, that has changed recently as we discovered that this holiday was actually started by an animal charity in the U.K known as Cats protection. This organization founded this holiday to raise awareness about how difficult it is for black cats to be adopted. We’re not exactly sure when they invented this holiday, but we do know that it’s been around for quite a few years. Since we’re talking about the history of National Black Cat Day, we thought that we’d also talk about the history of the attitudes towards these cats. Black cats have been treated differently according to the year and the place in which they lived. For example, in Great Britain and Japan, a black cat is considered good luck. However, in the United States, it has come to symbolize bad luck or evil forces. In some parts of the world, if a black cat crosses your path, then it’s considered to be a bad omen. In folklore, black cats are often depicted as agents of evil or even evil itself. In some parts of Europe, they were considered so evil that they were burned alive by superstitious villagers in giant midsummer bonfires.

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October 27, 2024

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