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National Bagelfest Day is a celebration that started in Mattoon, Illinois. The idea for the event was introduced by Murray Lender, the man who owns the Bagel Factory and Lender’s Bagels. It all started in 1986 when Murray decided to host a breakfast for the people of his town in Mattoon. From that day onwards, National Bagelfest Day has been celebrated to honor bagels and the different flavors they have brought to the usual breakfast menu. Today, this event has evolved into a festival that includes a parade, live music, a Miss Bagelfest Contest, lots of fun, and of course, bagels! But before you start munching on some bagels, let’s find out a bit more about their history. Bagels are a bread product that originated from the Jewish communities of Poland. They were officially mentioned for the first time in an Arabic cookbook from the 13th century. The spread of bagels across the world also took time and the breakfast item did not reach England until the 19th century. The exquisite bread was brought into America by Polish Jews that had migrated to the region. These immigrants then became owners of a popular bagel business called Bagel Bakers Local 338. It is also important to note that the sizes of bagels have evolved over time and have greatly increased. For instance, an average bagel was three ounces in 1915 but weighed around six ounces by 2003.

Date & Time

July 26, 2024

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