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While the origins of National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day are not clear โ€” the day seems to have started around 2009. Since then, people across the country have been promoting the benefits of fathers spending quality time with their daughters. This is because the bond between a father and a daughter is extremely special and can do wonders for the way a woman turns out. This can be seen in the negative impact that being abused by a father figure can have on any child. Yes, father-daughter relationships are not as simple as they sometimes seem. Nor are they the same in a country where patriarchy reigns supreme. For instance, in Renaissance England, the parent-child relationship was very different. The father was seen as the man of the house and daughters were given the responsibility to cook and clean for them. During this time, fathers often beat their daughters if they believed that they had behavioral issues. Fathers also had the power to limit their daughtersโ€™ social activities and decide when they could step out of the house and who they could meet. This wasnโ€™t all. According to the traditions and norms, marriages of daughters were decided by their fathers and they were often used for political power or to obtain a higher social standard. During this time, the concept of father and daughter bonding was also non-existent. Letโ€™s make sure history never repeats itself by celebrating days such as National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day. NATIONAL FATHER DAUGHTER TAKE A WALK DAY

Date & Time

July 6, 2024

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