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Waffles are believed to have originated in Belgium and so it is likely that the waffle iron, or at least a primitive version of it, was also invented in Belgium or its surrounding regions in the Middle Ages. In fact, the early waffle irons were quite versatile and were designed to prepare different types of breakfast foods. When Dutch and other Europeans began immigrating to America, they brought waffles to the New World and it became a common breakfast meal. In fact, President Thomas Jefferson is known to have been quite fond of waffles as he kept a collection of waffle recipes and even had his own iron waffle maker. In 1869, the first-ever American patent for the waffle iron was given to Cornelius Swarthout, whereas the first electric waffle iron was invented by Thomas Stackbeck in the year 1911. The traditional form of waffles, consisting of an egg batter cooked in a waffle iron and topped with cream and berries did not become popular until 1964 when it was sold at the World’s Fair in New York. While it is not known when the first National Waffle Iron Day was held or who proclaimed it, it should not deter us from celebrating it with much fervor and enthusiasm. After all, there are many traditions whose origins are yet to be discovered but Americans still celebrate them with every bit of national pride. As waffle irons continue to evolve in different shapes and sizes, they remain a staple of almost every household in America.

Date & Time

June 29, 2024

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