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National Beauticianโ€™s Day is a way to honor the beauty industry. Beauticians have existed since the old days. Many kingdoms had specially trained maids who would specialize in enhancing the beauty of the royal families they served. These beauticians would also create special makeup or soaps and shampoos using ingredients from nature like bright red fruits or herbs. Each country had its own types of beautifying methods. For instance, in South Asia, people used coconut oil to get luscious and healthy locks. Beauticians also made use of a paste made of turmeric, lemon, sugar, and honey to create a radiant glow not just on the face, but the whole body. In the Middle East, beauticians burned a fragrant material called โ€˜oudโ€™, and the smoke was then used to perfume the hair of their clients. As globalization and commercialization increased over the decades, the beauty industry grew with the trends. Today, courses ranging from diplomas to bachelors to masters exist to help get people into the industry. Cosmetology is one such beautician branch. It deals with teaching and licensing people in becoming experts in areas of nails, skincare, manicures/pedicures, hair, and electrology. WW1 and WW2 were especially revolutionary for the cosmetology industry. Many women were forced to join the workforce as men were enlisted to serve in the army. This saw women generally neglecting their beauty in the face of other priorities. Visits to the beauty parlor increased as more and more women enlisted the help of beauticians to beautify and pamper themselves. Beauticians, then and today, provided relief to many of their clientsโ€™ worries that were not solely related to beauty. Friendships form between beauticians and their clients because of the time they spend together.

Date & Time

June 26, 2025

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