More About National Water a Flower Day 🌷

While it is unclear when the first National Water a Flower Day was celebrated, the day’s importance still holds. One of the most prominent figures in the research related to flowers is Pedanius Dioscorides, who was a Greek botanist and pharmacologist. He lived from 40–90 A.D. and was employed as a physician in the Roman army. It was his extensive five volumes encyclopedia on flowers that propelled him to new heights of fame. The encyclopedia, called “De Materia Medica” (On Medical Material), discussed the many values and benefits of herbal medicine and research. It is believed that much of today’s understanding of how flowers work is due to Dioscorides’ books. Today, flowers are viewed as aesthetic props. However, they have many other hidden benefits. Apart from being medicinal, caring for flowers can also have a therapeutic effect. Studies have shown reduced depression and anxiety, and better mental health in patients who take care of flowers. It is also important to note that humans are not the only ones who respond positively to the caring of flowers — flowers themselves benefit from the care of humans, obviously! Flowers tend to bloom quicker and brighter when special attention is given to them in the form of ‘small talks’ and ‘tender caresses’. Flowers (and plants) respond to sensory stimulants around them. Not only will their natural beauty increase, but they will also likely have a longer life. You can reap and witness these amazing benefits yourself by growing and caring for a flower this May! This month boasts the perfect weather to grow these beauties due to sunny skies and gentle breezes.

Date & Time

May 30, 2025

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