More About National Earmuffs Day

The beginning of spring is often the last blows of the reign of winter terror, one moment you can be basking in the shining warmth of the returning sun, and the next it’s literally freezing out and biting rain and snow is pounding your poor ears to iceberg lettuce. Thankfully one masterful Chester Greenwood came up with a solution for this untrustworthy and frankly conniving weather that allows you to abandon the hats of winter for a far more comfortable and practical bit of headwear. Chester Greenwood is the man who invented that most remarkable of purpose specific headgear, the earmuff! Now, Mr. Greenwood was simply looking for a way to keep our ears warm in the cold winter months, he couldn’t have possibly imagined all the purposes this seemingly simple and innocent piece of headgear would be turned to. Now what was the “earmuff” is called the “thermal earmuff”, and has been joined by the “acoustic earmuff”. In case that doesn’t tell you straight-away what they are, these are the heavy-duty sound dampeners worn by construction site workers the world over. These are much more effective than the simpler earplug, and really serve to save your ears!

Date & Time

March 13, 2025

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