More About National Chocolate Mint Day

Chocolate only used to be consumed as a beverage. The Aztecs and Mayans brought it back to Europe, but it wasn’t as popular as it is today due to its bitterness and medical purposes. Historically, mint also initially started out as a hot beverage. In Europe, mint was mixed with cinnamon and spices to make it more palatable. Over time, sugar, chocolate and mint drinks became popular and fashionable. By the 1800’s, chocolate was already being mass produced but mixing it with mint did not happen for a while yet. The Romans and Ancient Greeks genuinely used and valued mint due to its health benefits. It aids digestion, freshens the breath and a regular component in many recipes. Combining mint with chocolate happened around the 19th century when chocolate alone was being manufactured as confectionary and for ice cream. In the 1940’s, the creation of the York Peppermint Patty was announced, and this popular development made these two flavours combined, an absolute hit. The York Cone Company is now owned by Hershey which today speaks for itself. Since then, the combination of chocolate and mint is one to be reckoned with. Mass production meant chocolate was eventually combined with mint to make a dazzling final result. One of the earliest mass producers of chocolate mints was a place in New York called Huylers who had a chain of stores across the U.S. Girl scouts popularised the snack in the 50’s and they are still famous today. Now, chocolate and mint can be found everywhere from ice cream to cookies and candy.

Date & Time

February 19, 2025

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