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It is generally thought that Milk Day was created to celebrate the first time milk was delivered in glass bottles, beginning in the US. Some people think it dates back to a time around the year 1915. Prior to this, conditions for milk delivery were fairly unsanitary, but the new bottles enabled safe and clean storage. However, it didn’t take long until Milk Day grew to be a day dedicated to all aspects of milk. Whether it is celebrating the health benefits of drinking this nutritious liquid, to the farming industry that produces it, the day can be used to honor and enjoy the wonders of milk. Now, milk products are stored and brought into homes in many more ways than only in those glass bottles. No matter how the milk arrives, whether in cardboard cartons or plastic jugs from the grocery store, or still delivered the old-fashioned way in glass bottles on the porch by the milkman, it’s a delicious and nutritious treat for the family.

Date & Time

January 11, 2025

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