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Bobbleheads first came onto the scene over 100 years ago, being composed of a simple doll with a head attached by a spring, creating that signature bobble-head action. The first of these recognizable toys was actually thought to have been created in the mid 1800’s, when plaster cats with bobbing heads were all the rage. In the 1920’s the bobblehead came to sports, each being made exactly like the other. In the 1930’s the love of these died off, only to be reborn in the 1960’s when they started producing custom faces representing the most popular players of the time. Since then the bobblehead craze has never really died down, growing in popularity and design over the ages. While not technically a ‘bobblehead’, hula dancers were an extremely popular rendition of this style of doll, often having two or more spring based joints throughout their design. When plastic bobblehead dolls were created in 1990’s, the industry once more saw a boom that has carried through straight into modern day, with ever more customizable options being presented with each passing year. How to Celebrate Bobblehead Day Well by far the easiest way to celebrate Bobblehead Day is to get out there and start your own collection! There are thousands of options available, and surely there will be one to fit your own personal taste and style. Bobblehead Day is a great opportunity to pick up a new tradition, and a new hobby. Talk to your friends, find out if any of them have a favorite bobblehead or a memory involving a relative that had one. More than one family has had a bobblehead enthusiast who brought their own personal flair and style to gatherings, their vehicles, or just life itself. If you’re really enthusiastic, Bobblehead Day is a popular time of year for Bobblehead conventions, where enthusiasts come together to share their rarest finds, their prized possessions, or just their goofiest Bobbleheads ever. Bobblehead Day is a great time to learn a little bit more about the crazy world we live in, and this iconic piece of American History.

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January 7, 2025

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