More About Breaking Down Barriers: Welcome New Hires with 'The Power of Every Connection'

Welcoming new hires to your team is an exciting yet challenging task. How do you make them feel at home from day one? Enter 'The Power of Every Connection' - a team-building game designed to foster camaraderie and belonging while injecting some much-needed fun into the work environment.🎉

Assemble a group of 4 to 10 participants and have a designated "Jester" clarify the game rules. Every participant selects a card, elaborates on the image or subject for half a minute, and subsequently fosters open dialogue lasting from 30 to 60 seconds upon their completion. The game is designed to be flexible and ever-evolving, with participants invited to bring their own "King" pictures and TableTopics® Cards to add new layers of excitement and connection.💬

If you're ready to welcome new hires with a game that promises fun and connection, explore 'The Power of Every Connection.' For more detailed instructions on how to engage with this game, visit Click for Details

Then grab a set of TableTopics® Cards and let the fun begin!🧑‍💼

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