More About What Does it Mean to Be 'King' in Your World? Let's Share!

In the vast kingdom of your workplace, what does it mean to be the 'King'? Is it about authority, charisma, or perhaps a dash of humor? The dynamics of leadership and success vary in every realm. Today, we invite you to embark on a fun and enlightening journey through the royal corridors of your office as we delve into a unique team-building exercise called 'The Power of Every Connection.'🏰

Call together a crew of 4-10 participants and appoint a "Jester" to clarify the game's rules. Extract a card from the "King's" shopping bag, teeming with an array of images and topics. Your mission: deliver a 30-second speech on the image displayed on the "King's" side, shedding light on your unique conception of kingship within your world. Subsequently, engage in a dynamic group discussion spanning 30-60 seconds.👑

The best part? The game evolves with every session, as participants bring their own "king" images and topics, keeping it fresh and engaging.

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Then grab a set of TableTopics® Cards and let the fun begin!🧑‍💼

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