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Every mom is a working mom. On March 12th, National Working Moms Day celebrates the breadwinners and the breadmakers, the educators and the role models, those resilient, inspirational fixtures in our children's lives.

Ever since the invention of motherhood, mothers have been innovating, creating, and developing. They strategize and organize, never stopping until the work is done. And through each evolution, we know mothers keep pace with the changing world. Working moms invest in our communities because their small businesses thrive there. We can never celebrate them enough, no matter how many cookies they make or how much bread they bring home.
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That's why National Working Moms Day celebrates every mom. Whether you recognize a marvelous working mother in your life or you reflect on your accomplishments as a working mom, join in the celebration!

Working Moms Day is an opportunity to appreciate a working mom you know.

Frequent a business owned and operated by a working mom. Supporting a small business means you're also supporting a working mom's family and your community.
Show your appreciation to a working mom with a handwritten note. Thank you notes are one item that can be re-read for encouragement. Also, technology cannot delete handwritten notes.
Take over meal duties for the evening. Any working parent knows mealtime is one of the most stressful times of the day.

It's also a day for working moms to take a little time for themselves.

Practice some mindfulness. Whether it's 5 minutes of deep breathing or writing in a journal, take some time just for you.
Take the day off, if possible. Network with other moms and enjoy much-needed time together.
Register for a course you've been wanting to take. Whether it's to advance your career or lower your stress levels, make the time.
Join a working moms network like Working Moms of Milwaukee. Organizations like these offer support, resources, and social network for working moms to share experiences.

You can also share your working mom story on social media. When you do, be sure to use #WorkingMomsDay.

Working Moms of Milwaukee (WMM) launched National Working Moms Day in 2020 to celebrate working moms everywhere. WMM's vision is a one-stop-shop for working mothers in Milwaukee to network, socialize, and share experiences. They aim to create a supportive space where moms can connect both online and in-person, get support from moms that just "get it," access services to make the day-to-day a little easier, and celebrate this crazy life stage together!
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On March 11, 2021, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Working Moms Day to be observed on March 12th, annually.
Working Moms FAQ

Q. Does being a working parent require organization?
A. It does, but even the bested laid plans go awry. Balancing work and home takes effort. It doesn't happen magically. From meal planning to managing schedules and routines, working parents know that organization is helpful.

Q. What is another important skill working parents need?
A. Good communication skills go a long way to helping working parents stay in touch with their family. Communication is valuable to making sure everyone knows their responsibilities, schedules and more.

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March 12, 2024


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