More About 'Fine Motor Fundamentals: Understanding & Enhancing Skills with OT Insights' Caregiver Webinar

Ever wondered about the intricate dance of fingers and thumbs when your child grasps a toy or scribbles on paper? πŸ–βœ Fine motor skills play a pivotal role in everyday tasks, and there's so much behind the scenes to uncover!

We're excited to invite you to our FREE caregiver webinar led by one of our expert Occupational Therapists. Dive into the world of fine motor intricacies with us!

In this session, we’ll unravel:

β€’ πŸ–Œ Parent-Friendly Anatomy 101: Delving into the wonders of our hands and fingers.
β€’ πŸ” Key Fine Motor Milestones: Spotting those pivotal moments and celebrating each grasp and grip.
β€’ 🎨 Activities to Try at Home: Engage, entertain, and enhance with hands-on fun!

By the close of our webinar, you'll be equipped with a richer understanding of fine motor development and an arsenal of activities to support your child's dexterous journey.

We’re looking forward to exploring this topic together – RSVP today! Click for Details

Date & Time

December 5, 2023
7:30pm - 8:30pm

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