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Taste of Civility is part of the Choose Civility: Allegany County initiative, a grassroots plan to improve and enrich Allegany County by promoting civil conversations and kindness toward others. The event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend. The evening will be spent celebrating and learning about different cultures represented in our community. It will include presenters who share stories, music, art, and poetry. The following are three goals that the program aims to achieve:

Promote cultural awareness: The program aims to promote cultural awareness by providing a platform for people from different cultures to share their stories, music, art, and poetry. By doing so, it helps people learn about different cultures and establish new ways of thinking and approaching problems.

Encourage respect for diversity: The program seeks to encourage respect for diversity by promoting the idea that we should treat each other with respect regardless of where we came from. It encourages people to respect others’ beliefs and share their own culture with others

Create a better environment for all: The program aims to create a better environment for families and communities where everyone can thrive. By promoting cultural diversity, it helps people avoid discriminating against others because of their beliefs or lifestyle. It encourages people to think about the positive things that different cultures can bring to enrich our lives and be friends with people who come from different ethnicities and races.

Date & Time

December 19, 2023
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Allegany County Library System - LaVale Library
815 National Hwy
LaVale, MD 21502

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