More About Sledding in Northwest Indiana

Let's Go Sledding!

Below you'll find 25+ sledding spots in Northwest Indiana.

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Coffee Creek Park
246 E Morgan Ave
(219) 926-1842

Indiana Dunes National Park
1100 N Mineral Springs Rd
(219) 926-7561

Indiana Dunes State Park
1600 N 25 E
(219) 926-1952
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Lake County Fairgrounds
889 S Court St
(219) 661-3071

Lemon Lake County Park
6322 W 133rd Avenue
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Northgate Community Park
638 206th St
(Calumet Ave at Harrison Place)
(219) 865-2505



Paul H Douglas Center for Environmental Education
100 N Lake St
(219) 395-1821
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Oak Ridge Prairie County Park
301 S Colfax Street
(219) 884-7238
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Dowling Park
175th & Parrish Ave
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Lost Marsh Golf Course
1001 129th St
(219) 932-4653
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Wolf Lake Memorial Park
2324 Calumet Ave
(219) 659-7678
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Stoney Run County Park
9230 E 142nd Avenue
(219) 996-6500



Veteran's Memorial Park
5899 E 73rd Ave
(219) 942-2987
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Kesling Park
2150 A Street
(219) 326-9600
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Red Mill County Park
0185 South Holmesville Rd
(219) 325-8315
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Stoney Run County Park
142nd and Union St
(219) 996-6500
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Liberty Park
W Main St & N Liberty St



Hidden Lake Park
6355 Broadway
(219) 980-8790
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Sledding hill located next to Meijer
611 US 30



Centennial Park
901 N Centennial Dr
(219) 836-6930
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Countryside Park
5250 US 6

Imagination Glen
2275 McCool Rd

Olson Memorial Park
6176 Sunrise Ave

Woodland Park
2100 Willowcreek Rd

Portage Parks Contact:
(219) 762-1675
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Heron Lake Park
11960 Osage Dr



Forest Park Golf Course near Discovery Cottage
1158 Harrison Blvd
(219) 462-5144

Ogden Gardens
451 Harrison Blvd

Rogers-Lakewood Park
3210 North Campbell St
(219) 462-5144
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Sunset Hill Farm
775 Meridian Road
(219) 465-3586



Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve
27064 Dutton Rd, Beecher, IL 60401
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February 20, 2024

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