More About Why Anyone Other Than a Barber Should Never Cut Your Hair

Keeping your hair looking sharp requires the services of a talented barber and a reliable barber shop. Hair is one of the first things people notice about you. If you care about what your hair looks like, you should never let an untrained person touch your hair. Here are a few good reasons why you should leave all of your haircuts in the hands of the professionals.

Get Stuck With a Bad Haircut
According to Brandon Gaille, the average time for your hair to grow back out is about 3.8 weeks. This is the usual time most people go in for another visit to the barber. So, if you allow someone unqualified to cut your hair, you'll be stuck with that bad haircut for three weeks. While you can get another haircut within that time, it'll do damage to your wallet. It's best to connect with a quality barber shop in your area and let the professionals keep you looking great.

Waste of Time and Money
If you pay someone to cut your hair, and they don't do a great job, you'll likely have to pay someone else to fix it for you. Your only other option would be to wait for your hair to grow out some more. Paying for two haircuts doesn't make sense, nor should you have to do it. You can avoid this hassle by simply sticking with a reliable barber in your area.

Support Small Businesses
Local barber shops are an important part of the local economy. When you frequently visit a local shop, you're investing in small business owners and your community. This has a trickle-down effect of positive impacts for everyone in your area.

Create Relationships
It's been a long-standing part of our culture that people develop relationships with their barbers, hairdressers, and fellow patrons of these shops. The barber shop is a location where locals can catch up with one another and build community bonds. The connections a barber shop forms can last a lifetime.

These are just a few good reasons why you should always visit quality barber shops in your area for your hair needs. If you're looking for a great barbershop nearby, please come visit Generations Barber Parlor today. Our team of qualified barbers will make you feel right at home while also providing stellar hair care services.

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February 25, 2024


3 Boulder Ave
Greenwich, CT 06870

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More About Generations

GENERATIONS is a full service salon without the salon feel.
A place where men are treated like men. Today’s men want to be polished and pampered, but they don’t have time or desire to go to a spa.

At GENERATIONS, we pride ourselves in the traditional gentleman’s barber parlor with the essence of a fine spa for men.

Frank Alfano and son Eric have returned the male sanctuary of the classic barber parlor with updated services to meet the demands of what men now desire in a comfortable surrounding.

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3 Boulder Ave
Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870

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