More About FAMILY FUN: Ridgefield 2024 SummerFest

Ridgefield 2024 SummerFest Main Street Ridgefield


🌞Call for SummerFest Vendors!🌞

Are you a talented craftsperson or a creator of delectable artisanal foods? We want YOU to join us for the annual SummerFest in downtown Ridgefield!

This vibrant event draws thousands of attendees each year, creating a bustling atmosphere of excitement and community spirit.

🎨Craft Vendors: Showcase your unique creations and handmade treasures to a captivated audience. Whether you specialize in jewelry, pottery, textiles, or other crafts, SummerFest is the perfect platform to share your talent with the world.

🍴Artisanal Food Vendors: Indulge the taste buds of festival-goers with your mouthwatering culinary delights. From gourmet snacks to gourmet meals, if you craft your food with passion and quality ingredients, we want to feature you at SummerFest.

Join us for a weekend of festivities, fun, and fantastic sales opportunities! Don't miss your chance to be a part of this beloved community event.

Interested in showcasing your business and supporting the Ridgefield community? We're also seeking sponsors to partnerwith us and make SummerFest an even greater success. Get your name out there and align your brand with this beloved event. Email for more info.

Click for Vendor Application: Click for Details

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To learn more, watch our intro video!