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Myrtle Beach Funeral Home & Crematory
4505 US-17 Bypass
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577Phone: 843.293.4505

About Myrtle Beach Funeral Home & Crematory

Chosen The "Readers Choice Award" # 1 Funeral Home Of Choice - "Thank You Grand Strand as we continue to offer our Price Match Guarantee"
Jim & Carole Bowdre, Owners

Myrtle Beach Funeral Home and Crematory, a more affordable full-service funeral home, that offers $595 cremation services, shipping services and "traditional burial services for $2995", that includes embalming, hearse service to local cemetery, visitation/funeral services at FH and the casket itself available in five colors. We are also the lowest priced cremation service provider in our area with an "on-site" crematory located in a completely finished room adjacent to our larger chapel, starting at $595 for a complete simple cremation price. Also, with our price match guarantee, we even meet and beat other low-cost providers that have limited parking and much smaller facilities, most of whom do not even have an on-site crematory. The average funeral home in the U.S., including some here at the beach, charge as much for a cremation, as we do a burial. Because we are one of the leading cremation service providers in our area, we offer 12 different cremation options to meet the needs, desires and budget of most families and friends we serve. We believe that saying Goodbye to the memory of a Loved One, should not mean you have to say goodbye to your savings.

Families wanting to prepare ahead of time, as a "pre-need" for a loved one's passing, can go to the "Forms Needed For Services" Link and print-off forms number (1.) and (2.) for a cremation and just form number (2.) is needed for a burial or forwarding of a loved ones remains out of state. Then, please fax back to us at 843.293.4507; or scan and email to us at Any questions please call us at 843.293.4505.

In the "Plan a Funeral" section on our website a Families checklist of what to do, or things to consider, before a loved ones passing, or, what is the next step to take when dealing with the death of a loved one that has just passed, is provided on this website. It covers most situations, so some paragraphs will not apply to you, in your particular situation.

"Our Location" Link, you can view the interior of our funeral home. We are housed in a 7,000 square foot "full service" facility, with our crematory, larger chapel for conducting funeral and visitation services, smaller chapel for services of 25 or less, eat-in dining area, morgue-embalming facilities and products room for urns and caskets, are all located on the same grounds as our funeral home. We have the only built-in crematory in our state, that's located inside the interior portion of our funeral home in a completely finished room, adjacent to our chapel. We are located on the frontage road on U.S. Hwy. 17 Bypass, at the "Back Gate" or Farrow Parkway entrance into "Market Common" and directly across the highway from "TV 13" and "McDonalds" less than a mile from the airfield runways at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Like most full-service funeral homes, we are available (24/7) each and every day to assist families with a loved ones' passing. Our normal business office hours, however, are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and for weekends by appointment, such as, when having weekend funeral or memorial life celebrations for loved ones who have recently passed away. For services and appointments, please call ahead 843.293-4505. Our email address:

Biggest Misconception About Crematories: Most families assume all funeral homes have crematories on their property, so their loved one's remains will not be taken someplace else to perform the cremation, possibly at a business that the family may not be familiar with. Less than 10% of all FH's in the U.S. actually have, or own a crematory. We are, however, the only fairer priced cremation service provider in our area and state, that actually owns an on-site crematory located in the interior portion of our funeral home, in a comfortable living room setting, adjacent to our chapel.

This advantage allows us to present our cremation services in a more respectful and dignified manner during the cremation process of a loved one, and also aids in eliminating the possibility of misidentifying or misplacing a loved one's remains. Families can observe the process in this much more respectful setting, if they choose to, with many having already done so. We are not embarrassed, but are proud to show the public our cremation facilities on our website, being the only lower cost-fairer priced funeral home in our state that actually does. Because of the way crematories are displayed, most funeral homes will not encourage, or even allow a family to observe the cremation, for this very reason or, you might have to drive to another location or warehouse to do so.

Some families find comfort and peace of mind, in knowing their loved one is being treated with the utmost honor and respect throughout the entire cremation process, once they visit our crematory or see images of it on our website. If you know of a loved ones friend or family that is struggling with grief, due to a loss, this Link could help.

In the "Pricing" Link on our website, read the differences in cremation offerings from the Direct Services for a burial or a cremation, to the 12-Step Complete Cremation Service Options: For families wanting a more detailed explanation for the services that are available in this option, a break down is explained in the 12-Step Shorter Version and a much more in depth explanation of government benefits and what to be aware of, is explained in the 12-Step Longer Version Explanation Section.

Urns, Jewelry, Keepsakes and other cremation memorial products are available.

Direct Cremation and Direct Burial Option Explained: Federal Law requires all funeral homes to price a basic, no services cremation, that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in their Funeral Service Rule, labels a "Direct Cremation." The only merchandise charge that the FTC requires funeral homes to itemize, and not to include in the package price for a direct cremation offering, is the retail price of a minimum basic cremation container that holds the loved ones' body for the cremation itself. This minimum container that's offered must meet Federal Law requirements, not conflict with the American Disabilities Act, and therefore, must be rigid in strength and leak resistant to contagious body fluids, in order to protect FH personnel. This minimum container must be offered to all families choosing a cremation option, instead of, or in place of a much more expensive casket as the families only choice, which is what was the practice before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed the Funeral Service Rule or Law. As is with most funeral homes, the container we use, does meet Federal requirements. The FTC also wanted families to be able to bring into the FH, their own containers to hold the body as well as the ashes, and not be forced to purchase any merchandise at the funeral home. Also, no cash advances are mandated by the Federal Government for this service either, such as, any obituaries, embalming, death certificates, register books, prayer cards, viewing of remains, any gatherings or memorial funeral services, etc. which are now required to be itemized and offered on a General Price List. That is why the U.S. Government names this service a "Direct Cremation" and they also require funeral homes to offer the same thing for a burial, which the FTC calls a "Direct Burial." Also, because removal of a loved one from place of death, is often out of the normal service area, or requiring additional assistance due to body weight and accessibility of a one-man(woman) stretcher, used in small or tight quarters, quite often during home removals, most funeral homes will itemize the removal fee, as well.

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