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"In August your vegetable plot will be at its peak with a glut of produce ready for harvest, however there are some things you can plant including winter crops such as spinach, kohl rabi, and spring cabbage as well as winter salad leaves.

Vegetable harvest
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What so plant outside:

Spinach – late august is a good time to sow a second crop of spinach.

Spinach is a cool season crop which can easily go to seeds in the heat, so seeds are best grown in early spring as well as in late summer and early fall.

It can also be over wintered with protection. For later sowings look for 'long-day' varieties. Check out how to grow spinach for more tips.

Kohl rabi – If sown in August this brassica can be harvested up until November. Sow direct in drills 12 inches (30cm) apart and at a depth of Β½in (1cm) deep. Thin out seedlings at 1in 2.5cm tall to a final spacing of 6in 15cm (15cm) apart and keep well watered in hot weather. Pick when between the size of a golf and tennis ball".....more: Click for Details

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August 17, 2022

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