More About New Cheer Prep Class!

Jr. Cheer Prep Squad! This class is designed to help your child, ages 4-6 prepare to be a cheerleader. Join any time :)

Date & Time

June 4, 2024
11:30am - 12:25pm

Additional Dates

This event also occurs on:
06/11/2024, 06/18/2024, 06/25/2024, 07/02/2024 and 27 other dates

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More About Patti's All-American

Our approach to teaching at Patti’s is to teach students with dignity and provide a fun, student-centered learning environment. We ensure every child knows they are worthy by listening to and caring for their needs. We create an atmosphere that celebrates achievement and progress. It is interactive, relying on repetition, correction, praise, and effort.

Since 1969 we have focused on safety, love of children, and our connection to our students and their families. Here at Patti’s All-American in Dyer, IN we teach gymnastics, dance, Gym-N-Learn Educational Preschool, All-American Ninjas, and swim classes. Our clean gym, friendly, loving teachers and staff, and our safe curriculum for gymnastics classes help us be exactly what you want for your child here in Lake County, Indiana. Let us know YOUR goals for coming to us for lessons. What is it that YOUR CHILD wants to accomplish? Help us make this a great experience for your family, and thanks for becoming part of our family here at PAA.

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Patti's All-American
1530 Joliet Street
Dyer, Indiana 46311

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