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Join us for a Conversation and Q&A with Karl Dunn, author of How to Burn a Rainbow: My Gay Marriage Didn't Make Me Whole, My Divorce Did.

Karl Dunn was the global advertising lead on several world-famous brands like MINI Cooper, Levi’s, and ASICS. He spent over two decades as a multi-award winning advertising creative working in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. His career culminated as the Director of Innovation for a powerhouse global advertising network. Then it all burned to the ground when he told his husband he wanted a divorce. Just a few months later, Karl was sleeping on an air mattress in a former squat in Berlin with no job, visas, or money left. Using his divorce as his crisis of identity, Karl chronicled the whole experience in his book How To Burn A Rainbow, where he gave up chasing everyone else’s dream to find his own.

It’s an Eat Pray Love style, riches-to-rags journey from LA to Berlin; an intimate, honest, and revealing story about divorce and self-love that questions and reframes the entire institution of marriage. As Karl says in his book, “My marriage didn’t make me whole, my divorce did.”

Interested in the themes of self-love, LGBTQ+, and social justice, Karl’s career as an author is just beginning as he seeks to show that the question we should be asking is not if LGBTQ+ people should exist, but why LGBTQ+ people exist – a question he believes is of crucial importance to the world.

Karl lives between LA and Berlin and also works as a freelance advertising consultant to cause based brands and LGBTQ+ endevours by businesses.

Date & Time

June 6, 2024


Little District Books
737 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

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